Tall Enough for This Ride


Not sure what the fuck I’m doing here, but it has to be done.

We’re all in for a crazy ride starting this year. A few people are ecstatic. Most of us are terrified. All of us are responsible. What are we supposed to do now?

My plan is to reclaim my life. Grab it by the neck and shake it awake. Focusing on any one thing is just not a good idea. And, well, I have ADD so forget that anyway. But I’ve been feeling too old and too flattened for too long, and this is the most urgently kick-butt time I could ever hope for to get a grip, take some risks, and get back in the game.

What I have to do is go out and live the lifestyle I wish I could. Because I can. Go out into my world and be a cool geezer who rides bikes, takes pictures, and wears interesting clothing. Write a blog. Keep a gallery of images. Learn to do video blogging, too. Get out of my headspace and go live life in my crazy eclectic town, and share my ramblings for anybody that finds them interesting.

You know, why the hell not? Even if the whole dream doesn’t come together or pay off, it’s something to do and I just might have fun doing it. Beats hell out of what I’m doing now anyway. Which is pretty much squat.

*Note that I’ll cap my tendency for perfection pretty soon because this project is a journey. It’s not supposed to be perfect.